A selection of articles from a number of publications. For a complete list of Eric's news and feature writing for STAT, click here.

Accidental therapists: For insect detectives, the trickiest cases involve the bugs that aren’t really there, STAT, March 2017

Hog jowls and clementines: A bid to awaken cancer patients’ ruined sense of taste, STAT, December 2016

In the dark of night, a hunt for a deadly bug in the name of science, STAT, August 2016

Inside a monkey lab, research gets fast-tracked in the ‘Zika room,’ STAT, June 2016

One man’s desperate quest for a brutal surgery, STAT, March 2016

Mystery Meat: Cracking the case of a prehistoric steak,, February 2016

Geigenbaumeister, winner of a Norman Mailer Award and runner up for the W. W. Norton Writer's Prize, 2015

Everyday Evil: A group of radical activists hits the streets, The New Journal, March 2015

The People You Meet in Heaven: Neil Smith Reimagines the Afterlife, Montreal Review of Books, April 2015

Pennsylvania law on syringes contains life-threatening loophole, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 2014

Gambling with pollen and petals, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 2014

Learning with Your Hands: Maishe Dickman, the Hidden Yale Man, Yale Daily News Magazine, April 2013

Wasting Away: Why Tuberculosis Won't Disappear from American Cities, The New Journal, February 2013

Neuroscience, Underwater: A Neurophysiologist's Quest for Better Brain Imaging, Yale Daily News Magazine, November 2012